WASH Programme

The Water and Sanitation(WASH) programme aims to facilitate rehabilitation / expansion, training of water resources management committees, water quality monitoring, hygiene promotion campaigns and training communities on good hygiene and sanitation practices.

In one of the IRK WASH projects, UNICEF Kenya partnered with IRK in implementation of the project titled “Water Sanitation and Hygiene Facility WASH in North Eastern Kenya Province, for a period of nine months beginning August 2010 through April 2011. UNICEF Kenya and IR-UK jointly fund the project. The WASH project was a timely intervention meant to mitigate the negative effects of water scarcity normally experienced in dry (drought) seasons. The Borehole drilling and construction of new shallow wells [New water Facilities] was done in the ( drought) worst hit areas that include Kilkiley, Dugo, Lolkuta North and Korondile that did not have any existing water source.

The WASH project activity of Community mobilization has been successfully done in all site of intervention, where more than 4000 beneficiaries of the WASH project have been made aware of the five year UNICEF/GoK programme activities and have committed to participate and give support to the program. Moreover the WASH project has managed to construct eight new shallow wells as was proposed. The shallow wells have been constructed adjacent to River Daua with infiltration galleries. More than 2500 persons are directly benefiting from the new shallow wells with low turbidity. Eleven shallow wells were rehabilitated sand 7 new infiltration galleys were constructed along River Daua. More than 6000 persons are beneficiaries of clean water.