Seasonal Programmes

Ramadan Programme

The programme’s objective is to contribute to the reduction of sharing supplementary food amongst the SFP beneficiaries within the month of Ramadan food pack distribution. It ensures that there is improved food security and diversification for the target households to last them a period of one month as well as increase visibility of Islamic Relief  as a humanitarian organization that recognizes and respects peoples cultures and way of life.The beneficiaries were composed of moderately malnourished children under five, pregnant and lactating women admitted in the SFP (Supplementary Feeding Programme), the orphans and people affected by HIV/AIDS.

Qurbani Programme

Since 1986 Islamic Relief has been organizing annual Qurbanis and distributing the meat to the poor. The programme is implemented during Eid-Ul-Adha and is aimed at improving food security of the poorest of the poor, most vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals including malnourished children (under 5 years), pregnant and lactating mothers, People living with HIV/AIDS, orphaned and vulnerable families, the elderly without bread winner, disabled individuals with vulnerability and moderately malnourished individuals admitted in Islamic Relief Kenya Supplementary and Therapeutic Feeding Programme

Qurbani, a celebration in recognition of the belief, humility and devotion shown to Allah by his prophets Ibrahim and his son Ismail, is celebrated on the occasion of the Eid Ul Adha which is celebrated to mark the end of the annual Holy Hajj pilgrimage. Muslims around the world honor the tradition of the prophet Ibrahim by sacrificing an animal and sharing meat with those afflicted by poverty or affected by either man-made or natural disasters. In respect of this, Islamic Relief Kenya held its second Qurbani programme.