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Thirst to Learn

Daadab is one of the largest and oldest refugee settlements in the world and where education is a luxury to the hundreds of children who live here; owing to the fact that the population has a pastoralist’s background where education has been non- existent due to the cultural practices such as early and forced marriage, as well as child labor and social barriers.

Despite education being a fundamental human right and recognized as providing the much-needed cognitive development; it is still the most underfunded sector in the humanitarian aid. Islamic Relief’s Education programme seeks to integrate the traditional and modern forms of education in a bid to increase the enrollment of children in schools. With funding from UNHCR, Islamic Relief has constructed 5 integrated schools which include latrines, hand washing facilities and water tanks. The classes run during the weekdays from 6.30am to midday where they interchange learning of the Quran and the modern subjects; English, Math, Swahili etc.

In the quest to increase school enrollment Islamic Relief’s Education Coordinator Fanuel Randiki says “We have struggled to solicit for learning space for the children and immediately established some areas where duksi schools in the Ifo  camp can be constructed so as to accommodate as many children as possible”. To date the 5 duksi schools have a total of 1653 children;864 being girls and 789 being boys. Turning Daadab into a place where the inhabitants can develop and use their education and skills goes a long way in making them more productive in their own capacities.

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